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I swayed nervously in white nylon knee socks and Crayola barrettes as I stood center stage at St. Joan of Arc Elementary School in Toledo's south side. It was the end of second grade and I had proudly carried off the basic attendance and participation awards. But, something special happened that year.

Sister Diana gestured toward me as she announced that I was recipient of both the Creative Writing and ART awards. A smile cracked as I glanced out at the crowd. Yes, I absolutely loved writing and art. And, it certainly didn't end there.


Well into my career, my resume is peppered with writing and design leadership roles and accolades, from being named editor of my high school newspaper The Vista, to working in publishing at Maxim, Blender, and The Week magazines in New York City. Those skills helped me launch my own regional design agency at just 25 years old, and carried me through shaping some of the leading brands headquartered in North Carolina and beyond.


I'm just getting started! I am always excited for the next opportunity for brand innovation. LET's MAKE GREAT WORK TOGETHER.

how cracker jacks made me fall in love with

customer experience

I can still feel the weight of the paperboard as I pressed my finger along the narrow edge to pry open the box of Cracker Jacks. Dangling from a swing in my backyard jungle gym, I belted out: Take me out to the ball game! Take me out to the crowd!! Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, I don't care if I never get back...

It wasn't even the caramel-crusted popcorn and peanuts that I was the EXPERIENCE. Much like a meh-tasting fortune cookie gobbled up to access the message of prosperity within, I hurriedly munched the Cracker Jacks to get to the coveted PRIZE INSIDE! 

Being of the I'm a Dr. Pepper generation, we were a tribe of brand loyalists, without realizing it. Those exciting feelings of obtaining a special (yet rather worthless) prize were a seed germinating in my young entrepreneurial soul. Today, this fuels the ideation behind the campaigns I develop as a creative leader and marketing strategist, because brands that connect with their customers on that level HIT IT OUT OF THE BALLPARK!




Tel. 419-377-6969

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Ohio University


Minors in English/Creative Writing + International Studies (Africa)




Dale Carnegie


Focus on leading cross-functional teams and presentation skills


“Sons are the anchors of a mother’s life”


I love creating things. And I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I was let down though when I upgraded from feeding my dolls with those weird, yet magical disappearing liquid bottles. I knew I was destined for greater things when I received what was advertised as a "REAL" drinking, eating, and–gasp!–diaper soiling baby.


I should have known better than get my hopes up after discovering my "REAL" roller skating doll could only take a maximum of 1.5 strides before face planting. The baby also left much to be desired as far as real factor. But a few decades later, when my real-deal babies came along, I instantly understood why parents say their children are their greatest creations.

My two boys LEO and Reagan are hands-down my life's best work and biggest inspirations. We live in Oak Ridge, NC with our spirited Labradoodle Noelle. We love football (go Seahawks!), hiking to the tops of NC mountains, laser tag, planning adventures, and the ocean.

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